Yesterday, we have received an email from our “Adopt Ukraine” project manager Vikotoria. She shared with us an amazing story about the family that she has been working with throughout 2010. It was one those stories that really motivates our work.

Vitaliy and Alina Kudrich are from Krivoi Rig. They never had biological children. After some time, they have decided to adopt a child. Our staff Victoria has been helping this family with consultations, document procedures, as well as with the process of searching for the child. It was extremely hard to find a child for them. In many cases orphanages in Ukraine do not want to let people adopt from their institution and very often there is a lot of opposition.
Finally, there was found a child for this family. It took months and much effort to help this family to get the child from the orphanage. When the parents came to pick up the child they discovered that the boy was diagnosed with five pathologies and orphanage workers suggested no to take such a child with so many special needs. But this family agreed to take this boy into the family. Now, this boy is about 8 months old and most amazing fact is that none of diagnoses have been proved to be true. He is healthy! Kudrich family is already planning to adopt a girl as well!

More stories to come……

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