We have a new family in Krivoy Rig that is willing to adopt two children. Our manager of “Adopt Ukraine” project Victoria is currently working with Kuznitsovy family. This wonderful couple has expressed the desire to adopt two children from the orphanage. But there is a challenge for them and for us too.
We already shared in previous posts about hardships of adoption in Ukraine and how orphanages become a major obstacle on the way of potential families that are willing to adopt children. Right now, we are partnering with the Head of Social Services in Krivoy Rog Pavel Dabizha and with the Head of the organization “True Hope”- Maksim Fetisov with a goal in mind to prevent children going into the orphanage. We believe children need to live in families! That’s why as we have found a resource family, now we are looking for a child, who will be placed in this family.

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