The training in Crimea for child welfare workers was conducted a week ago to equip the workers with practical skills in working with Children and Families at Risk. This module helped them understand how to be more effective in doing Family Assessment. In our previous post we had mentioned that in the beginning of training we had opposition from the participants. As the training continued we were able to witness significant change in their thinking and approach. We were encouraged by the phone call by the deputy director of Local Social Services. This time they could not wait for the ILDC trainer to come back and conduct assessment training. Our trainer was quite surprised when the number of participants doubled at the training! The group of school counselors and psychologists also joined in this time. At the end of the training participants shared their feedback about the usefulness of the training for them.
They were very glad to get the formal training in this area since they did not have any effective model of Family Assessment to use at their work setting. The group is eager to finish the remaining 3 Modules of Case Worker Core program by the mid of April in their city. The deputy director was very grateful to have all 4 volumes of The Field Guide to Child Welfare in her personal library as well as much needed resource!

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