In March of 2011, ILDC launches a new training program "Leadership and Management in Child Welfare" for managers and supervisors in the field of Child Welfare. This program originally was developed by the Institute for Human Services, Ohio, USA. The emphasis of this training is to help supervisors/managers to better understand the importance of leadership in child welfare and the role they have in leading their team while being a leader within the agency. Participants will identify leadership qualities and will have the opportunity to assess their own leadership skills and potential. This new training program is going to be an important component of ILDC sustainability strategy. ILDC plans to generate funds through this program and use them to support various child welfare trainings in the regions of Ukraine.

For those who are interested in attending the training but do not have enough finances to cover the cost of the program, ILDC is hoping to offer a scholarship.

We would like to ask you to consider this opportunity and help us fund to train managers/supervisors to become effective leaders in their organizations. This can make a big difference in Child Welfare in Ukraine! Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity! 

50$ will sponsor one day of training for one participant.
100$ will sponsor one module (2 days) for one participant.
500$ will cover the whole program for one participant.

We want to thank you in advance for considering to take a stand for change for Children of Ukraine and beyond. 
 Remember to designate your gift to ILDC UKRAINE

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