Leadership Development in NGO’s, FINISH LINE!

It has been a long and fascinating journey for the participants of this training program just like it was for us. Today  it was the last day of the 5th Module for the group of leaders of different NGOs from Ukraine. We are very proud for this group of leaders and managers as they have showed great commitment to this program and have been eager to learn the skills that we were giving to them. We believe that they will apply everything that they have learned in their organizations as they go on. Some of them have already shared with us how it was helpful to them to deal with situations and challenges that were described while the training. We see  this group as once who are talented, skilled, motivated and driven by the vision. The vision that we all share and work hard in order to help abused and neglected children of Ukraine to have a brighter future full of hope and care.

Every participant of the training has received the certificate of the completion of the training program.

As well, ILDC team wants to thank Ruby and Lynn Johnston for their great commitment, time, professionalism and wonderful training.

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