It has  been over 2 years now since we started to work on the project where Ukrainian national trainers  were fully trained and prepared in Case Worker Core program.  Last April over 30 national trainers were certified and since then many of them went all over Ukraine to train Child Welfare workers, families, NGO workers etc.  This time we were invited to Kyrgyzstan to train workers of the Ministry of Social Security. ILDC trainer Lena Andruhovich will spend 3 weeks in Kyrgystan training folks and preparing them to carry out new skills, knowledge and best practice approach in their own country just like it has happened in Ukraine lately. We hope this scenario deserves to take place in Kyrgystan too. The country that has been going through a number of  significant challenges with national  revolution, change of the government and system. Its looks no different to what we have been experiencing in Ukraine and even to this day.

We are quite excited about this opportunity and we look forward to hear from Lena how everything went.

For those who missed the post where we talked about certification of national trainers click here.

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