It has been quite a project for ILDC. We have been waiting for 2 years for the opportunity to publish this amazing recourse. Over the last six month we translated the book then edited and proofread it and now it is published. As well, we have already scheduled the date when the book will be presented. After presentation of the book ILDC president Ruby Johnston will conduct a training on the subject of the book.

After this event we plan to develop a pool of national trainers who will offer this training for adoptive and foster families and social workers in the regions of Ukraine.

We believe this book will become very helpful tool for adoptive and foster families and for the child welfare workers who work with the families.

Currently we are observing the situation where many of adoptive foster families have started to have problems with their adoptive children as they grow up. Most of the parents were totally unprepared for the problems they are facing right now. A lot of things were done to help adoptive and foster parents before they took children. But there is very little to offer them after adoption. That is why it is essential to provide them with a resource and train them to deal with the challenges they are experiencing right now.

Once again, we want to thank Jane Schooler for this excellent book and permission to publish it in Russian. We also want to thank our partners “Adults Helping Children Today” for sponsoring translation and publishing the of this book.

We will post more after presentation : )

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