ILDC trainer Lena Anduhovich has just returned from Kyrgyzstan where she has spent 3 weeks training child welfare workers in Case Worker Core Program. It has been totally new experience for us as it was for the first time when our trainers went to another country to train. Lena did a really good job in training a group of child welfare workers though it was very intensive training both for her and for the participants. The participants took these trainings seriously and were very active and eager to learn everything that we offered to them based on what we already have learned in Ukraine from the best practice materials, new approaches, well researched materials and experience from our work in Ukraine. Another remarkable point to be mentioned, there could be different circumstances in different countries, changes of governments, major events etc. But there always will be someone who really cares for their country, for their people and in our case there will be people who will care for children and for their future. We were very happy to meet such people in this training and hope they will carry on what they have learned helping Kyrgyz orphans to find their new families.

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