As it has already been mentioned before in our blog , ILDC hosted guests from Kyrgyzstan for a week. The group studied the child welfare system in Ukraine in order to better understand the potential to divert children from orphanages .

ILDC staff and Kirghiz colleagues had a very productive time in Kiev as the result of the organized study tour of child welfare system here. These Kirghiz leaders were given the opportunity to visit leading NGO organizations in child welfare like Fathers House Foundation, Sun Shine Children Center, and ILDC partners Every Child Ukraine.
The second part of the study tour inlcuded state organizations like Kiev City Children Services, Brovary City Social Services and State Social Services in their head office in Kiev.
For the ILDC staff it was a great experience to learn more about Kirghiz colleagues and their work. As the result of this new partnership we discovered a great opportunity to start an exchange of experience project between our two countries.
ILDC has already accomplished writing a proposal to one the grant organizations. We hoping that after our proposal is approved we will initiate a new study tour to Ukraine in larger scale for 12 professionals of NGOs and Kirghiz state Representatives.
The second phase of the project will be an organized conference for child welfare professionals and child welfare state Representatives in Kyrgyzstan.
Let us hope that this attempt succeeds and our Kirghiz colleagues will be successful in their efforts to reform Kirghiz child welfare.

We have one common goal and one common dream to see our countries without orphans.

Let God help us.

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