Many people say or at least think that training is something boring and something to be endured. Well this people could be very wrong if they attended one of ILDC trainings in Ukraine.

We had a superb training conducted by our professional experts in child welfare and great friends of ILDC David and Jayne Schooler. Around 20 people attended this training. Most of them were adoptive parents and some social workers.The topic was Wounded Children, Healing Homes, How Traumatised Children Impact Adoptive Families.

The attendees enjoyed the training and had their questions answered. Next step for them will be to apply what they have learned at this training.We all know that it may not be easy for them but one thing is certain, this people are heroes and now they have the right tools to do their best for the children they have chosen to love and care.

This video can show you that training can be fun!

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