Training with Nan Beeler from IHS, Ohio.
Child welfare professionals in Ukraine received great opportunity to improve the quality of training programs which will be developed for child welfare system in Ukraine. Curriculum development training was conducted by ILDC with participation of international expert Nan Beeler from IHS, Ohio USA in September 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine. Thirty child welfare professionals and trainers attended the training. Participants emphasized the importance and relevance of this training of this particular training for building capacity of child welfare in Ukraine in present time. A lot of them claimed that this was first time that they attended training for such topic.

Training participants at the end of the training received a copy of the Field Guide written by Judith Rycus and Ron Hughes as a gift from ILDC and IHS.

ILDC thanks IHS and Nan Beeler for the granted opportunity and for contribution into capacity building of Ukrainian child welfare.

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