International Leadership and Development Center has  trained 17 adoptive and foster parents in Uzhgorod city in Western part of  Ukraine. At this training parents received valuable knowledge that will help them in raising their foster and adoptive children.  Over the training ILDC national trainers went through four main topics, such as: The Identity of adoptive and foster child, Sexual Behavior, Working with Teenagers and Burnout. At the end of the training, parents had expressed their gratitude for organizing this training and shared with us how valuable this training was to them.

Providing post placement trainings for foster and adoptive parents is very important. There are over 8000 children in foster families and about 2000 children adopted per year by Ukrainian families. Usually families are very enthusiastic when they take children and have a sincere desire to help them. They also go through some pre placement trainings offered by the government and NGOs. But it is after the placement when they need training and support the most. Because once they begin to face difficulties and challenges with their new children they become discouraged and burnt out. There is no post placement trainings available for them yet. All this can cause bad consequences and traumas for foster and adoptive children when they can suffer in their new families or be returned back to the orphanages in the worst case.

That’s why it so vital to help adoptive and foster families at this moment providing for them with resources that could help them in raising their adoptive and foster children. 

Besides this training we were able to develop very good partnership with local Social Service and another organization, called  “Nehemiah”. With this new partnership we  will be able to conduct more trainings for adoptive and foster families in that part of the county.  

We already have scheduled next training for a new group of parents in region in the beginning  of August.

If you are interested  in supporting this post placement trainings for foster and adoptive families in Ukraine email us at info@ildcua.org

Thank you : )

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