Nina Terpugova is a single parent of two of her 5 and 3 year old sons. They have struggled  with finding permanent place to live and when the Children Service had found out about her situation they  wanted to terminate her parental rights and take the children to the orphanage.  Local Social Service have approached us with the request to help them to find the best solution so that this family could be preserved. We already had similar situations in the past and at this time we had to act quickly. At that moment our partner organization had available space in one of their program homes. We were able to cooperate with them and place this family in this temporary home. So at this  moment this family have a temporary place to live and  we are trying to help Nina to find job so she could provide for the kids. Our next step will be to activate churches to help this family to find a permanent place to live. 

The kids were very happy to stay with their mom. They attend kindergarten while we are helping Nina to find a place to work.

We would like to ask you to consider this family in your prayers that God would help us to find a permanent home for them and second prayer request that God would help Nina to find a permanent job.

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