Oleg Shelashsky, executive Director of ILDC and Maxim Slivka, director of marketing and development will be flying to the US on May 6th.They will spend 4 weeks in the US, meeting with potential partners, speak at the different churches and meet with small groups of people presenting the work of ILDC. As well, they will participate in Summit VII of Christian Alliance for Orphan in Louisville, KY. It is going to be a very busy schedule and lots of traveling during their trip.
If you have a desire to meet with Oleg or Max during their travel you can email them at oleg@ildcua.org and max@ildcua.org
Also, you can reach them on their cell phone: +16143726747
On behalf of ILDC staff we would like to ask you to include Oleg and Max in your prayers. Thank you!

Visiting in the US:
May 6-8 – Chicago
May 10 – Columbus
May 11-13 – Louisville
May 14-16 – Knoxville
May 17 – Ashville, NC
May 18-19 – Nashville
May 20-22 – Birmingham
May 24-25 – Columbus
May 26-27 – Cleveland
May 28-29 – Chicago
May 30-31 – Wisconsin
May 31-June 5 – Madison, Wisconsin

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