Nikolay Kuleba is the head of Kiev Children Service. We had a great opportunity to partner with him in the past. There were a great number of trainings conducted by ILDC for Kiev Children Service in the past. Today we can see the difference and many positive changes in the work of Children Services. They were able to decrease the number of children in the orphanages and tremendously increase the number of adoptions in Kiev city. There is a great desire of Kiev Children service staff to learn and to be better in their work. This was the reason why Nikolay Kuleba has visited ILDC. He expressed his intention to organize new series of trainings for the staff and workers of Kiev children services as well as other representatives from other centers that are working in the area of social work. As Nikolay shared, it is still extremely hard to change the old system of the child welfare here in Ukraine. It is essential to train social workers in Kiev, offering them best practice and really transforming their thinking.


In the meeting we were able to plan new trainings for Kiev Children Serrvice in near future.
With this opportunity we see one more significant step towards greater change in child welfare of Ukraine.

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