The Kyrylenko family from Apostolov town, Drenepropetrovsk region of Ukraine has adopted 3 children from the orphanage a year and a half ago. Right after children arrived to the family, the parents started experiencing problems with the oldest boy Vitality. He was misbehaving himself and caused many problems in the family. The Kyrylenko family approached ILDC national trainer for a consultation. After the consultation the family was invited to attend ILDC training for adoptive and foster families. As the result of the training, things in the family started to get better and better. Volodia has improved in his behavior and is getting along with his parents. Now, the Kyrylenko family has adopted two more kids, two brothers Daniel and Andrei. They have told us one day that they were very glad to attend the training and to learn how to manage difficult behavior. For us it is great example on how a training can make an impact and change families. Different things they didn’t know or maybe thought were not so important can cause big challenges and problems in the family. There are so many families in Ukraine with a similar situation to this one, where parents don’t know what to do and how to raise their adoptive or foster children. Some of them have already given up and children had to go back to the orphanage.

We believe, training can make a difference not only in parents' life but in lives of children as well!

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