ILDC staff is very excited to announce a new open door and a great opportunity to start Case Worker Core training for social workers in Sevastopol, Crimea. We have received a phone call from the Social Services with a request for ILDC to go out to Crimea and conduct training there. Two of our national trainers are there this week to work with the group of 25 social workers from Crimea. It’s indeed one more step forward in reaching one of our goals to have trainings in child welfare in every region of Ukraine.

We realize the importance of training child welfare staff and helping them to become real experts at their work settings. Why is it important? We believe that if we raise the professional level of the social workers, it will help them to do their work even better. Many families who are at risk will receive professional help. Children would not be taken from their birth families as result of neglect and abuse. No children will go to the orphanage, but instead will live in families that love them and care for them and all their needs!

Once again we would like to express our gratitude to all of our partners and friends. Your contributions help us to pursue our vision “Healthy Families, Protected Children” and make it reality!

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