1.   Last Fall, with  God’s help we were able to organize very good conference in Kiev. This conference was about Child Sexual Abuse and how to provide professional help  to sexually abused children. We had been planning this event for very long time, but due to different circumstances were not able to do it. Over 100 participants participated in the conference and workshops that were held on the next day. It was our prayer request for long time. The problem of child sexual abuse was and still is a very hard topic for Ukraine. It was good beginning to start talking about this problems and propos unique training programs and recourses that will help children.

2.  Also, after the conference we were able to train and a good group of national trainers that will carry out trainings on the topic of “Professional help to sexually abused Children” in other parts of Ukraine and Russia.

3.  In 2012, with God’s help we printed “Wounded Children, Healing Homes” book. This book has already become a great tool and helped so many adoptive and foster families to go through adoption crisis. As an example and great testimony  we have one training participant who shared her story with us during our last training. She said that she is a therapist and adopted mother. She told us a story  how “Wounded Children Healing Homes” book helped her to save her family.  She had major troubles with her adopted daughter whom she adopted 6 years ago. She was preparing for adoption disruption and sent her daughter to government shelter for 3 months (the daughter didn’t want to stay with her). Then she got from us Wounded Children Healing Homes book. When she read it she realized how much she had done wrong. She took her daughter back and began to do things differently. And she was able to resolve major problems and her daughter lives with her now and there will be no disruption.


Three major prayers requests
1.  We are currently looking for a new training manager for our organization. We would like for this person to be a great fit to our team, responsible, strong believer, a person of integrity and would also have passion for the ministry to children that risk.
2.  Reaching sustainability. Our great desire, in 2013 to reach sustainability in our projects.
3.  Physical, emotional strength for all of our employees at ILDC.

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