In November of 2010, ILDC participated at the conference "Ukraine without orphans" that was held by ILDC partner Alliance Ukraine Without Orphans in Kiev.  Since then a lot of efforts and work has been done in the area of promotion of national adoption among communities, churches and organizations that work in Ukraine. Last Friday on April 29th another remarkable event took place in Kiev.  ILDC  had a great opportunity to partner with Alliance Ukraine Without Orphans in organizing Adoption Summit.  60 people from all
over Ukraine arrived to Kiev to participate in the summit.  The purpose of this event was to unite the efforts in our work with orphan children in Ukraine through promoting idea of national adoption. As well, ILDC was able to bring to the summit  3 new volunteers who will work in churches in south of Ukraine promoting national adoption and will be motivating churches to join our vision “Ukraine Without Orphans” . 

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