Follow up from our Adopt Ukraine project manager Victoria.

Thanks to the trainings which were conducted by ILDC in different regions of Ukraine, the number of adoptive families has increased. Also, various  families who have already adopted from the orphanages made decisions to adopt more children. Our Adopt Ukraine manager Victoria  has reported that in Apostolov town one adoptive family has adopted two more children and there are 5 new families that already have adopted children. Also in Sshors town, Chernigov region 2 new families adopted children from the orphanages.  

What does It mean to us and why these stories inspire us?  It means to us that dozens of children from the orphanages are no longer there and they are not orphans anymore. It means to us that these children have parents now, who would take care for them and love them.  We also learned, that trainings that we conduct for adoptive parents, do not only provide them with knowledge, but gives them courage, inspires them and motivates them to not be afraid to adopt more children. Through our trainings parents answer the main question “can I handle it?” For ILDC it is great encouragement to see these parents after the training being inspired, motivated and confident that they really can do it and there is no need to live in fear. 

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